An employee's entitlement to the employer's contribution, how this meal contribution is drawn and other related rules are laid out in Directive No. 34R/2018 on Staff Catering, which can be found at legislativa.zcu.cz.

The meal contribution can be drawn by an employee in an employment relationship (not cooperating with the university based on DPP - an agreement to complete a job, or DPČ - an agreement to perform work), where the total full-time equivalent for all employment contracts with UWB is at least 20 hours a week


For the meal pass card to be issued, it is necessary to sign the Wage Deduction Agreement – Meal Pass Card. An employee signs this agreement at his or her workplace and it must be delivered to the HR Department. The agreement form is available at tiskopisy.zcu.cz.

The meal pass card is given to the employee once the first funds have been transferred to the card. An employee is entitled to the daily meal allowance (electronic meal voucher) for each workday the employee worked a minimum of 4 hours and did not purchase a subsidized lunch at the university cafeteria, was not on sick leave, maternity/parental leave, regular leave, business trip, was not drawing nursing allowance for caring for a family member, etc. For more details, refer to the aforementioned directive.

The employee shall receive the card either from their department or the HR Department and confirm its receipt with their signature. Upon agreement with the respective UWB departments which are not located on the Bory campus, the meal pass card may be sent via internal post to the petty cash desk in the building of the Faculty of Law at sady Pětatřicátníků 320/14.

Topping up the meal pass card

The meal pass card is credited with electronic meal vouchers for the respective calendar month following the wage closing date, during the UWB salary payment period.

Activating the meal pass card

The letter and information leaflet which an employee receives along with the card is available to download from the HR Department website. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY – it contains a security code which you will need 😊

The card does not need to be activated in any special way. It will be activated automatically upon the first payment, which cannot be done in a contactless manner (the card must be inserted into the payment terminal). During the first payment, you will also choose and set your four-digit PIN number.

Should you have any issues with the meal pass card, contact the Sodexo helpline: 233 113 435.

Sodexo account / Sodexo app on your phone

A Sodexo account is used to manage your meal pass card, check its balance, etc.

All the information about setting up a Sodexo account (for which you need an email address and the security code from the letter you got along with the card) is available at www.sodexo.cz, or you can call the Sodexo helpline: 233 113 435.

  • The first log-in (registration) to a Sodexo Personal Account must be done via computer at sodexo-ucet.cz. For the purpose of your registration, you will need to know your security code. If you received your card at work, you will find this code and additional information about the registration in the letter you got with the card.
  • On the www.sodexo-ucet.cz website, click on "First time here?" and then "I am a user". In the next step, you will be asked to type in the card number (on the MultiPass Card, there are two numbers – one for electronic meal vouchers, the other for the Flexipass. For the purpose of registration, it does not matter which number you use).
  • Once the number has been verified, you will be prompted to type in the security code and your email address.
  • You will receive an email with a hyperlink to set up the password to your account. To access your Personal Account, use your username = the email address used in registration and the password which you set up.
  • Hereis a list of frequently asked questions about the Sodexo account

You can also install a mobile Sodexo app, which is available from GooglePlay, AppStore, and AppGallery.

Wage deductions for the employee's meals

Employees who have signed the wage deduction agreement are subject to wage deductions for the consumption of meals and beverages in UWB catering facilities as well as the employee's contribution to electronic meal vouchers (for days when the employee did not have a subsidized lunch at the university cafeteria).

Using their Orion account, each employee with a JIS card can log into ISKAM: https://iskam-web.zcu.cz  (this site is also accessible from the SKM website:  https://skm.zcu.cz/cs/, see the ISKAM icon with a lock in the top menu) to check his or her meal and beverage consumption at UWB's catering facilities.

An example:

  • There are 23 workdays in a given calendar month, during which the employee: took subsidized lunch 5 times at the cafeteria, was on sick leave for 5 days, and had 3 days of regular leave, i.e., 23 – 5 – 5 – 3 = 10, which means that for that particular month the meal pass card will be credited with 10 x CZK 80 = CZK 800 (the employer's contribution is CZK 44 per day, i.e., CZK 440; the employee's contribution is CZK 36 per day by way of a wage deduction, i.e., CZK 360). Also deducted from the employee's wage will be the 5 subsidized lunches taken at the cafeteria.

Expiration of funds on the meal pass card

The electronic meal vouchers are valid for up to 16 months (new electronic vouchers are always valid from September 1 and expire on December 31 of the following year)

  • funds added between January 1 and August 31 expire at the end of the respective year
  • funds added between September 1 and December 31 expire at the end of the following year

Card transactions automatically use up the oldest funds added to the account. Information about the expiration of electronic meal vouchers is available in the catering details in your Sodexo Personal Account.

Payment using the meal pass card

A list of establishments that accept the Sodexo meal pass card can be found on the Sodexo website.

  • If you cannot find your favorite restaurant on the list, you can suggest directly to Sodexo that they approach the restaurant and add it to the network of its partner establishments.

Based on a number of requests, the meal pass card can now be used at UWB bistros and cafeterias. The meal pass card is accepted at the following places at UWB:

  • Cafeteria 1, Kollárova 19
  • Cafeteria 4, Univerzitní 12
  • Café UK, Univerzitní 18
  • Internet café – NTIS, Technická 8
  • Bistro – Univerzitní 22

Note: if someone were to pay for lunch at a UWB cafeteria using a meal pass card, they would pay the full, unsubsidized price of the meal.

Support and assistance

  • Forgotten PIN: If you forget your PIN number, you can reset it in your Sodexo Personal Account or in the Sodexo mobile app and when next paying with the card (by way of a contact transaction) you will set your new PIN number. If you change your PIN number, the procedure is the same. You can always contact the Sodexo helpline: 233 113 435, Mon – Fri 8.00–17.00.
  • Lost card: If you lose your meal pass card, we recommend that you immediately deactivate it in your Sodexo Personal Account and request a new one, or contact the Sodexo helpline: 233 113 435, Mon – Fri 8.00–17.00.
  • The contact email address for the UWB HR Department is: strkarta@rek.zcu.cz.


  • RETURN OF THE JIS CARD BALANCE: employees may request the balance of their JIS card to be paid out to them at the cafeteria petty cash desk, or they can use the "Deposit return request" form to have the balance of their JIS card sent to their bank account. The completed (last name, first name, birth certificate number, bank account number and bank code) and signed form can be scanned and sent by email to gvostrac@skm.zcu.cz.
  • The meal pass card is issued free of charge.
  • It is not possible to withdraw cash using the meal pass card, and neither can it be overdrawn. The limit on purchases made using the card is CZK 20,000. Payments exceeding CZK 500 require the PIN number to be used.


What are the advantages of the multi pass card?

The advantages of the Multi Pass CARD for employees are listed in detail on the Sodexo website.

What do i need to do for the electronic meal vouchers to be transferred to the card?

If you have signed the Wage Deduction Agreement, you do not need to do anything else. The electronic meal vouchers will be transferred to your card automatically and at the same time the amount corresponding to the employee's balance due shall be deducted from the employee's salary (in the case of CZK 80 meal vouchers, the employee pays CZK 36 per voucher). It is thus not necessary to visit the petty cash office or take any other steps.

How do I find out the balance on my card?

We recommend that you set up a Sodexo Personal Account, which can be managed even from your mobile phone. After logging in to your personal account, you will be able to see your current balance as well as any past payments made, the same as with a conventional payment card.

Is it possible to withdraw cash from an atm using the meal pass card?

The meal pass card cannot be used to withdraw money from an ATM. The card can only be used to pay for goods and services at contractual partner places.

Can I overdraw the account on my meal pass card?

No, this is not possible. The card can only be used to make payments up to the current balance, which cannot be overdrawn. Your account balance can be checked in your Sodexo Personal Account.

I have lost my card. What should i do?

The card needs to be blocked so that you will not lose the meal vouchers stored on it. Blocking the card can be done in your personal account, in the mobile app or using the customer information line – detailed information is available on the Sodexo website.

My favorite place (a shop, restaurant, etc.) is not listed on the sodexo website – what can i do about it?

Send a tip to Sodexo and the company will try to include your favorite retailer in the network of its partner places.

Where can i learn more about the multi pass card?

Contact the Sodexo customer service on 233 113 435 (on weekdays from 8am - 5pm) or send us an email to info.cz@sodexo.com.


In this case, you can call the Sodexo helpline (233 113 435) and upon entering the card number (even using the buttons on a physical keypad) the system will tell you the balance on the card.